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Digitally Painted Portraits

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I enjoy making portrait paintings digitally. Programs like Corel Painter and Photoshop provide tools that are very good at creating the look of traditional brushes, pastels, charcoal, pencil, pens, etc. so that artwork created with my Wacom tablet is indistinguishable on screen or in print from work done with traditional tools in the studio.

I prefer a spontaneous, freehand process. I look at the photo and paint as if I am observing a live model. There is no tracing or photoshopping of the photo to create the portrait.

Click here to see the reference photos used for the portraits in the slide show

Prints on fine art papers or canvas made from digitally created artwork are more accurate than prints made from work done traditionally. That is because there is no intermediate process with digital work—no need to scan the artwork or scan a photograph or slide to create the file needed for printing—which introduces the likelihood of distortions of the original.

Contact me if you'd like a portrait done from your photo.