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Accepting what is

11 January--The learning curve with Blender continues with this production. My logo was given dimension, action, lighting and sound effects so it can serve as a dynamic credit tag for future videos.

Another exercise in Blender is this depiction of a recent logo design as a rustic sign. The weathered board came from my wood pile.

Nest Eggs sign

6 January-- When our President's daily words and actions provide continual evidence of delusional thinking and a lack of self-awareness, it's a great opportunity to exercise some self-honesty and recognize the same tendencies in ourselves.

Sane cap

1 January--The new year begins with spring-like temperatures here in Tucson after the warmest year on record. The second warmest year was 2016, and it feels like this must simply be accepted as the new reality...until it's not.

It's a pleasant, sunny day in the 70's at the Linden Street Hermitage

The year also begins with the end of reliance on Adobe Creative Cloud. It seems ridiculous to pay a monthly subscription fee when the open source community freely provides excellent, regularly upgraded programs for the graphic arts.

I purchased the Adobe CS6 graphics suite in 2012 just before their subscription-only policy was locked in, and that set of applications (mainly Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign and Dreamweaver) will remain viable indefinitely at no additional cost. Added to that collection are the free programs Blender, HitFilm Express and Audacity to support 3D modeling, animation, and video and audio production at a professional level. This unconditional access to quality software is a practical example of the beneficial potential of the digital revolution.

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