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An Artist's Journey
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Enjoy the ride!

This narrative includes many samples of art and mentions some of the key people I've met on my journey. It's a real-life, nitty-gritty example of how one artist makes his way.

Chapters 1-14 cover 60 years from childhood to the Great Recession of 2009. After that, each year is a new chapter.

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2018: Accepting what is

2017: Toward a Clearer Vision

2016: Doing What You Love is What Makes You Rich!

2015: More Creative Freedom

2014: A Vast Ocean

2013: Multimedia & Multiple Devices

2012: Transition to a New Life

2011: It's All About Mom Duty

2010: Non-Retirement

Chapter 14: Living With a Global Economic Crisis

Chapter 13: A lifestyle Made for the Digital Age

Chapter 12: Adjusting to the Digital Age

Chapter 11: Cartoon Teaching and Cartoon Illustration

Chapter 10: Surviving the After-Effects of a Stock Market Crash

Chapter 9: More Teaching, Remodeling and a New Relationship

Chapter 8: Expanding Home and Work

Chapter 7: Freelancing, Teaching and Creating a Home

Chapter 6: Design Resources

Chapter 5: Business Trumps Graduate School

Chapter 4: Elmer Graphics and the Order of the Solar Knights

Chapter 3: Eating Natural & Working on a Movie Lot

Chapter 2: Army Life

Chapter 1: The Early Years



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